Mind-body approach for lasting tension relief

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Virginia Reiner PhD
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I'm Virginia, chemist and somatic movement educator.

If you're here, you may be looking for a way to maintain or restore painfree, unrestricted movement and let go from the stresses of your everyday life.

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Lessons in English and German

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Group Lessons

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Small group or corporate workshops tailored to address a certain theme

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Consultation and one on one movement therapy

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www explore somatics com

Explore Somatics

Mind-body approach for lasting tension relief

Virginia Reiner PhD

"Virginia’s Somatics classes are extremely helpful in calming my nervous system, reducing pain and even anxiety significantly. I absolutely recommend Virginia’s classes and her empathic way of teaching Somatics.."

Benjamin F.


"Virginia's classes help me to slow down and relax. The gentle and mindful movements and her calming voice have a large impact. After practice, my back (spondylarthritis) always feels a lot "softer". I would recommend these classes to anyone, independent of age and mobility. They relax body and mind."

Tabea B.


"I am always astonished of the changes I feel in my body during practice. A sense of release, somehow longer and flatter, less tense than in the beginning. I am thrilled and would recommend it to anyone."

Jolanda G.


"Virginia's classes help me relax the parts of my body that have been in spasm for years. I have problems with my neck and shoulders and after class, I have free movement in my neck, and feel very relaxed."

Helen C.

New Jersey

"During practice I start sensing my body in a new way. I have learned to understand my muscular tension patterns and how to release these. It is wonderful how these gentle movements can eliviate muscle contraction. I definitely recommend these classes."

Corinne H.


What is Somatics?

As described by the late Thomas Hanna, leader in the field of Somatic Education, the human soma (body and mind) gradually adapts to the stresses of its environment. There are three stress reflexes, which are full body muscular patterns. In their nature they are instinctual and protective, however, when habituated, can result in stiff, painful muscles and restricted movement.

When we become "stuck" in one of these holding patterns, the feedback loop between the sensory motor cortex and the muscle is interrupted. This is called sensory motor amnesia (SMA). We lose the ability to sense and voluntarily control the muscle.

SMA can be prevented and even corrected with a neuromuscular based movement program, which I teach in my classes. The most powerful technique applied in somatic movement is pandiculation. Since it doesn't address the muscle in isolation, but also the nervous system, effective communication between muscle and brain are restored, and chronically tense muscles released.

Explore Somatics & regain painfree movement

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www explore somatics com

Explore Somatics

Mind-body approach for lasting tension relief

Virginia Reiner PhD

My Story

Three years ago I made the decision to spend more time with the family and quit my job as a research manager in New Jersey. Postural habituation to my desk job had already resulted in frequent epsiodes of muscle spasms in neck and shoulders at this time. Then, 2020, the pandemic hit and I started developing severe headaches. Countless doctor visits, tests, and physical therapy hours later, I felt completely helpless and at a loss of control.

I started researching myself and stumbled over Hanna Somatics Education. After participating in the first online movement class, I felt immediate relief. A couple sessions later, my head aches were gone.

Hanna’s theory on SMA made complete sense to me, and I felt like everything I read pointed towards my own experience. Today I still develop a headache now and then, but I am now in control. I have a tool that allows me to calm my nervous system and relax my muscles, conquering oncoming headaches.

This is an immense gift that I am extremely grateful for, and I want to share it with others. But practicing Somatics has also improved my quality of life in other ways. I have become more mindful about my posture and everyday movements. I have a better understanding of my stress triggers and how I react to them. I am learning the muscular patterns I tend to move into and can consciously move out of them. Contact me to book a session and regain painfree unrestricted movement.